Ringed Bush-cricket Grasshopper recording using Dodotronic Ultramic 384k

This Ringed Bush-cricket , Rhacocleis annulata, first report for Northern Italy

Here the recording of the grasshopper Ringed Bush-cricket, Rhacocleis annulata, first for Northern Italy, which produces a call that is difficult to hear without the aid of a bat detector.
The first ten phrases using a bat detector; the second ten phrases using a Zoom H1 and an AOM5024 PUI microphone.

Below a recording using an ultrasonic USB microphone Ultramic 384k by Dodotronic.

Seven prashes using USB microphone Ultramic 384k by Dodotronic, at different distances, set to mid gain.
Ultramic 384k recording distance: 0,5 meters – 2 meters – 8 meters

For comparison, I also made a recording using a Zoom H1 recorder and an external DIY stereo microphone system with 2x Primo EM172 capsules.
Despite having a decidedly higher self-noise than the EM172 capsule, the 384k has proved to be more suitable for recording high frequencies, as it was likely to be expected.

note: I didn’t cut the passage of the car to highlight the difference at low frequencies.
In the background Oecanthus pellucens and Eupholidoptera schimdti

Ultramic 384k Vs. 2x Primo EM172 capsule

details of the “cerci”

Highlighted tipical rings of R. annulata

Bushy habitat of Ringed Bush-cricket, Rhacocleis annulata, in the Eastern Po Valley
Grassy habitat of Ringed Bush-cricket, Rhacocleis annulata, in the Eastern Po Valley
Geographical location of the discovery from Google Maps
Map of distribution in Italy (modified)

I wish to thank my friends Cesare Brizio e Filippo Maria Buzzetti for helping me in recognizing the species.

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