Identification of Phylloscopus inornatus using the spectrogram

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Yellow-Browed Warbler – Phylloscopus inornatus – Luì forestiero

Often spectrogram view can helps to recognize species that are sometimes difficult to identify. Here is the case of a “single” call by a Leaf Warbler sp., which occurred a few years ago together with my friend Federico Novelli.
We were walking along the edge of a marshy environment (Busatello Marsh – Gazzo Veronese- Verona-Italy), when in the distance we heard the call of a “doubtful” Leaf Warbler. Federico promptly pointed the parabolic microphone (a DIY Twin Mono Microphone model) in the direction of the call and fortunately he managed to grasp the unique next call. After that we saw the Leaf Warbler fly away and move away and then disappear in distance.
We were about a hundred meters away, so the recording was rather weak in terms of signal intensity, yet useful for a subsequent attempt at recognition.

Here the original file

Here the selection of the call on the right channel (the one below on the upper picture, the omni channel not disturbed by the smartphone noise interferences as one can see on the Left Cardioid Channel). It’s between two calls of a Robin.

Here a comparison between a bisyllabic call of a bisyllabic Common ChiffChaff and our call. As we can see (and hear), it isn’t the same type of call.

Finally the right comparison between a Yellow-browed Warbler (Phylloscopus inornatus) Xenocanto 527036 – Vs the call recorded by Federico Novelli in Busatello Marsh – Gazzo Veronese – VR -Italy.

Finally we solved the question!