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  1. Some aquatic insects that produce sound emissions by rubbing body parts.

Recorded using an hydrophone

Underwater recording of Micronecta scholtzi

Registrazione ottenuta utilizzando un idrofono HTI 94-SSQ

Recorded using a hydrophone

Underwater recording of Corixa punctata

2. Cicadas

At least six species of cicada, recorded on 6 June 2018 in the Valle del Sillaro on the Bolognese Apennines.
Olympus ls5 to a sample rate of 96_KHZ. EM172+EM184 HiSound TwinMONO.

Oligoglena tibialis
Tibicina steveni
Tettigetta pygmaea
Tettigettalna argentata
Cicada Orni
Lyristes plebejus

3. Pholidoptera aptera, Pholidoptera griseoaptera and lot of flies!

4. Hoverfly “warm-up”!

Yesterday morning I was looking for some call or song of migratory birds that in this season migrate through our latitudes, when I was attracted, in audio headphones, by the buzz of an insect, a particularly “annoying” buzz. I directed my Sennheiser ME66 half … Leggi tuttoHoverfly “warm-up”!

5. Fist reports for northern Italy

6. Field Cricket Vs. two-spotted cricket