Zoom F3 microphones stereo baffle

Reading Time: < 1 minute ___________________________________________________ ZOOM H1e Essential stereo baffle

Sennheiser ME66 Ph. 48v Vs. 1.5v

Reading Time: < 1 minute Left Phantom Power 48v – Right 1,5v AA battery at the same Rec Level.

Warm Audio 47jr Vs. Rode NT1a

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tonight I tried to do a field recording to see/hear the difference between the Warm Audio WA47jr and the Rode NT1a.I recorded a nightingale singing.The files were normalized to -0.1 dBZOOM F3 – WARM AUDIO WA47jr – RODE NT1a Please not: I reversed the…


Reading Time: 2 minutes Stimulated by a fair comment received after a previous post on the “Field Recording” Facebook Group, I performed a test by recording simultaneously with the two ZOOM H1e and F3 recorders using a Sennheiser ME66 microphone on both. To power the ME66 on the…


Reading Time: < 1 minute Today, 1 may 2024 at 4.45 local time, with a light breeze, I recorded the song of a nightingale from a distance of about three meters. I used both a ZOOM H1e Essential and a ZOOM F3, both equipped with 32-bit float technology.With H1e…

32-bit Float – Helicopter recording

Reading Time: 2 minutes This evening I was trying to record with a setup that I experiment with from time to time in parabola: a mixed stereo + mono baffle (see here for the original setup), using two cheap Zoom recorders: the old H1 first version for the…

32-bit float and nature recordings

Reading Time: < 1 minute It may happen, particularly when recording in parabola, that a part of the file is recorded clipped due to the impulsive signal being too high.Here are two calls I recorded with the Zoom H1e Essential and a DIY stereo parabola with 1+1 AOM 5024…

Jose Arcas – Spagna

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jose Arcas nature-artist here with a “naturesound.it Plug In Power parabolic microphone” and Tascam DR05x.

Parabolic Stereo Microphone NATURESOUND.IT – in action

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here on Youtube, Marc Namblard using a naturesound parabolic stereo microphone (see for it on Ebay.it). Here on Facebook


Reading Time: < 1 minute I received this astonishing recording from my friend Grègory Chamming’s.Thanks Grègory!You have the word… Hi Marco. I tell myself that we are fragile on this Earth… Yesterday, for the third time in my life, I had a “stormy” experience… I love thunderstorms, they fascinate…