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I take the opportunity, after received a recording from my friend Grégory Chamming’s, to publish this page on a DIY binaural microphone called Dummy Head, built using a polystyrene head, two silicone ears and two AOM5024 omnidirectional microphones.

Gregory’s description:
With the help of my friend Marco, I decided to invest in a 32 Bits recorder. Why did I do it? My “favorite” Zoom H2n records in 24 Bits, and, sometimes, during delicate sound recordings, like thunderstorms, rain, or a very loud scream next to the microphones (also very weak…), I can lose important data, either by high saturation, or even, a sound too weak…! This “sound capsule” is called “Murmur of a Lake”. It will be my very first recording with the Zoom F3, and Marco’s binaural head, simply great! But, to listen with the headphones, for an optimal restitution…! Lake of Charpal, 1326m of altitude, in Lozere, the 25-01-23, around noon. The lake is entirely frozen, and, the ice under the effect of a light heating (of approximately -12°C the night, to approximately -4°C the day), works, dilates, cracks, and produces hallucinating sounds! Every day, this one “sings”, or not, and always differently ! See you soon for another sound capsule ! Special guests: Corvus corax, and Larus michahellis.

Lake of Charpal, 1326m of altitude, in Lozere