TETA Microphone

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Test with a song of Blackcap, for a new stereo microphone system called “TETA”, that allows reception of the stereophonic image to cover fully 360-degree soundscape, a degree that can be varied by rotating the microphone heads to obtain a classic ORTF front stereo image. The capsules are spaced 17 cm from each other.

Looking at the waveform, the difference between the two halves of the file appears clear, with the subject at first positioned decidedly to the left with respect to the microphonic apparatus, then at 3’40” moved a little further to the right than the center.

Here a tested AOM 5024L microphone capsule. This capsule is comparable in size and sound performance to the most known and widespread Primo EM 172 (now EM 272). 
The AOL is more sensitive than the Primo capsule, however, in some uses, the lower sensitivity and the higher overload limit of the Primo, 119 dBspl vs 110 dB, allows a larger headroom, e.g. when used in a parabola.

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EVA light version of the TETA microphone

For more comfortable portability and use on-the-go, I also built a lightweight version, using an EVA block for Yoga. The half sphere shape was obtained by means of a wood lathe and are rotatable to obtain a degree of angolation that can be varied.

8 Comments on “TETA Microphone

  1. Hi. Great blog and wonderful recordings, thank you. Could you please give more information on the ‘TETA’ microphone array/set up? It is very intriguing! I’m relatively new to field recording. I use a pair of Clippy EM172 XLR omnis into a Tascam DR-100 MkIII and I’m very happy with my set up, but I’d love to try new ways of recording… and the ‘TETA’ looks simple enough for me to try. Mid-side, binaural, multi-track, etc, might be a little beyond my capabilities or understanding at present!
    I am absolutely sure than many in the field recording community would welcome a detailed blog entry on the ‘TETA’. I have Googled it but have found nothing except what you have published.

    Many thanks.


  2. Hi Marco,
    Could you also email me your materials and the details of the set up? And what other kinds of omnis one can use! I read your posts to naturerecordists group.

  3. Hello, we are a group of students who are setting up a show. We have been searching for a recording system in order to incorporate audio for our live stream. We are planning to do this in a closed area and we considered the idea of using head-microphones but we realized they where too expensive. We saw this creation that work really good for recording audio from an environment and we where wondering if we could use it for this project? If the answer is yes could you tell us how to set up this microphone or where could we buy it?

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