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Here are three parabolic microphones of different sizes: 25 cm, 35 cm and 53 cm.
All, dishes (thermophormed by myself) and stereo baffles are Do It Yourself (DIY).
Since the edge of the parabolic dish is the part most exposed to accidental impacts, I cover it with a protective edge to safeguard it.
The stereo baffle separator that contains the capsules, and other plastic parts, are 3D printed with ASA acrylonitrile styrene acrylate material, a material extremely resistant to external temperatures, water and accidental impacts.

– The small 25 cm one is particularly suitable for video recordings with stereo sound.
– The 35 cm medium is very light and practical, suitable for use where portability and discretion become almost a necessity.
– The 53 cm one, while remaining extremely light for its size, is used to obtain the maximum stereophonic result in parabola.

The microphone capsules used are the same for all the three stereo versions: 1+1 or 2+2 capsules, depending on the configuration. I prefer to use the PUI AOM 5024 omnidirectional capsules, for their high sensitivity (-24dB) and low self-noise (14 dBA). Furthermore, the various production batches are made up of an almost perfectly matched set of capsules

In the Mid Side version, I use a Primo EM283 figure eight capsule combined with an omnidirectional capsule Primo EM272 or AOM 5024.