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1. Marsh Warbler – Cannaiola verdognola – Acrocephalus palustris
Recorder Olympus LS5 Parabolic Microphone DODOTRONIC Hi Sound with 1+1 PUI AOM 5024L

2. Melodious Warbler – Canapino comune – Hippolais polyglotta
Two caps EM173 Mono DIY Vs. Internal microphones of Sony HX 60

I perfomed a test, recording a Hippolais polyglotta, Melodious Warbler, Canapino comune, using a Parabolic Microphone with 2x Primo Em173; then the internal microphones of the photo camera I used to take the video a Sony HX 60. You can here the difference between these two type of microphone system. At 16″ is the change of microphone type.

3. TETA – DIY Stereo Microphone – AOM 5024L capsules

Nightingales Duet song in a marshy environment using “Teta Microphone”