Rana Latastei calls

Reading Time: 2 minutes Italian Agile Frog Please refer to the paper below in downloadable pdf

similar songs but completely different animals

Reading Time: < 1 minute


Reading Time: < 1 minute European green toad – Bufotes viridis – Rospo smeraldino Recorded using a Telinga PIP parabolic microphone (Plug In Power, with direct power supplied by the Zoom H1 digital audio recorder). Registrazione effettuata mediante l’utilizzo di un microfono parabolico Telinga PIP (Plug In Power, con…

Bombina variegata

Reading Time: < 1 minute Yellow-bellied toad Full moon, midnight, slightly windy weather in Monte Baldo, Valfredda, Verona, Italy, 11 July 2014.At 1300 meters of altitude, in a small pond, I recorded a chorus of Yellow-bellied toad and European tree frog while an uncommon bat, a Tadarida teniotis, flying…