The use of a Stereo Microphone in a 33 cm parabolic dish

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Here Guido Pinoli at Pian di Spagna, Como-Sondrio – (photo courtesy of Gianni Pavan)
Below recordings of Guido Pinoli & Gianni Pavan
Great Reed Warbler – Reed Bunting

To achieve a recording of a subject in its soundscape context (which represents the acoustic photograph of the environment we are investigating), we need to use a stereo recording, better if a wide focused parabolic stereo microphone system.
By adopting the stereo configuration with the capsules positioned in a “non-traditional way”, quite outside of the focal point of the parabolic dish, Guido Pinoli and Gianni Pavan were able to obtain (at Pian di Spagna Como-Sondrio – I) an enlargement of the background sound scene, approaching the perfect stereophonic effect that is difficult to achieve when using a traditional parabolic microphone.


Here an excellent soundscape recorded on 2020-May-21 by Guido Pinoli at “Capanne di Marcarolo” nature park (Genoa) – I – Parabolic stereo Microphone, 33 cm Dish.

Phylloscopus Bonelli, Certhia brachydactyla, in the background Lullula arborea – by Guido Pinoli
Bonelli’s Warbler, Phylloscopus bonelli Ph Gianluca Galli
Phylloscopus bonelli – Certhia brachydactyla overlapping in the background with Lullula arborea –
To underline that for Certhya brachydactyla and Lullula arborea there is no overlap in frequency and the two songs stand out visually and are perfectly separable.

Recording by Guido Pinoli
Spectrogram created using SeaPro by Gianni Pavan / CIBRA / Università di Pavia –


Here are two very short examples of video recording with audio coming from the same 33 cm parabolic dish, same Primo EM172 microphones, but powered by the video camera through Phantom 48V.

Cervus elaphus rutting
Buteo buteo singing in the snow

Thanks to the courtesy of Marco Omodei Salé

Canon XHA1 and 33 cm Stereo Parabolic Microphones System

Marco Omodei Salé, the author of the two videos above; the wildlife filmaker is perfectly camouflaged ready for a naturalistic video shooting session
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