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how to build yourself a parabolic microphone

Telinga Parabolic microphone from Sweden

Hi-Sound Parabolic microphone from Italy

about Parabolic Microphones

Mailing list for nature sound

Vicki Powys australian website a great source of information

about Bioacoustics CIBRA – Centro Interdisciplinare Bioacustica e Ricerche Ambientali A great collection of bird songs and calls recorded by Marco Dragonetti, mainly in southern Tuscany.

PZM theory

DAN GIBSON parabolic microphone

Mid Side explained

The Tuning of the World: Toward a Theory of Soundscape Design R. Murray SchaferUniversity of Pennsylvania Press, 1980 – 301 pp
Il paesaggio sonoro – ITA

Ivan Regen, the so called father of the modern bioacoustic