Comparison Microphones

Reading Time: 2 minutes

1 – Comparison between a stereo Teta microphone and a stereo parabolic microphone

The naturalist friend of mine, Ivan farronato, performed a very usefull practical test comparing a stereo TETA microphone Vs. a stereo parabolic microphone.
He used a Zoom H1 with a parabolic stereo microphone and a Roland R05 with a Teta stereo microphone.

Roland R05 – Teta microphone
Zoom H1 – Parabolic stereo microphone

2 – Comparison Double PZM Baffle Vs. PZM Stereo single Baffle

At least about +9dB are given from double PZM Baffle. In both cases 2 + 2 Primo EM172 caps were used.

3 – Sennheiser ME66 Vs. Em172 inside a 53 cm parabolic dish


Sennheiser ME66 increased of + 13dB to match the signal with EM172 in the dish.

Background noise introduced after a + 13dB increase in the first half file relates to Sennheiser ME 66