Micro Parabola 13 cm

Reading Time: 2 minutes

More than a year ago, more to create an ornament than to build a real little dish, I 3D printed a 13 cm diameter dish with a 3.5 cm focal point. For the drawing I used a light software to design the perfect parabolic shape. I used a 10mm omnidirectional capsule. After having forgotten it, today I am intrigued to test it “in the field”, but in this period only cicadas sing here! And so I just have to record a very common Cicada orni. The signal difference when pointing the dish towards the insect is about +12 dB compared to the dish completely lowered towards the ground. Not so bad! I just have to test it on the small “ultrasonic” cicadas (I incorrectly name the cicadas that emit on frequencies starting from 13-14 KHz upwards).

UPDATED 2023, 6 July – a second file with a Blackbird song at about 20 meters distant. See on the second half page.

Recorded using a ZOOM H1 (at the end is not facing to the source).


Recorded using a ZOOM H1 (in the middle is not facing to the source).


Recorded using a ZOOM H1n (IN parabola Vs. H1n internal microphones).