32-bit Float – Helicopter recording

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This evening I was trying to record with a setup that I experiment with from time to time in parabola: a mixed stereo + mono baffle (see here for the original setup), using two cheap Zoom recorders: the old H1 first version for the STEREO part and the latest version H1e Essential for the MONO part, recording the signal with both recorders simultaneously.
Coincidentally (and fortunately!), a Firefighters helicopter passed exactly over my head, at an estimated height of about 3-400 meters.
I thus had the opportunity to further experiment with the ability of the 32-bit float system to compensate for an excessively high incoming signal, allowing me to restore the signal in the correct way and no longer distorted by audio clipping.
Nothing to do for the file recorded with the old H1, distorted originally and consequently even after an attempt at normalization (obviously failed).
The choice to record in stereo mode with H1 and in MONO with H1e was completely random, perhaps also due to the fact that H1e allows you to choose between stereo and mono modes.

Below are the Waveforms and the relative audio files.

H1e Essential – original recording

H1e Essential – Normalized recording

H1 – original recording

H1 – Normalized recording


To simplify the visualization unrecoverable H1 trace, I insert the below image with normalization at -6dB, where the destroyed peaks are perfectly visible.

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