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Today, 1 may 2024 at 4.45 local time, with a light breeze, I recorded the song of a nightingale from a distance of about three meters. I used both a ZOOM H1e Essential and a ZOOM F3, both equipped with 32-bit float technology.
With H1e I used the internal microphones, while with F3 I used a pair of Sennheiser ME66.
Low cut 80 Hz, 48 Khz sample rate for either.
I then normalized both files to -3 dB. Clearly, using two completely different systems, the results obtained are incomparable, and I certainly didn’t expect something very different, however it is always useful to have a comparison, just to understand how far you can go with one or the other equipment.

PS. on the left channel with F3 and ME66 there is some slight disturbance due to the radio frequencies of the smartphone which I had inadvertently left on.

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