Bombina variegata

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Yellow-bellied toad

Full moon, midnight, slightly windy weather in Monte Baldo, Valfredda, Verona, Italy, 11 July 2014.
At 1300 meters of altitude, in a small pond, I recorded a chorus of Yellow-bellied toad and European tree frog while an uncommon bat, a Tadarida teniotis, flying over the wetland (see the lines call at about 10 KHz).

In the background is a chorus of field crickets.
I used a DIY parabolic stereo microphone with 3+3 Primo EM172 capsules parallel connected, inside a Telinga parabolic Dish.

I wish to thank Paolo Cugildi for the friendly and warm welcome in Malga Natura and Federico Novelli for the assistance during the recording.

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