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I received this astonishing recording from my friend Grègory Chamming’s.
Thanks Grègory!
You have the word…

Hi Marco. I tell myself that we are fragile on this Earth… Yesterday, for the third time in my life, I had a “stormy” experience… I love thunderstorms, they fascinate me, and as soon as one breaks out, I feel “electric”, and that attracts me, and I’m going to see… So yesterday, I was sitting in a meadow, waiting for the storm to come… It’s coming from the north-east. Strong, more and more powerful. After a few minutes, before I could anticipate it, a bolt of lightning struck, and a few milliseconds later there was a great “Tsaaac!” in the air, barely a hundred metres from me… I found myself propelled by the phenomenal power of the lightning, to the ground, backwards, on my back. I could feel my heart racing and starting to beat very hard, just after it seemed to stop… I threw everything on the floor, and with a lot of pain, ran to take refuge in my van, parked 50m away. I think I was lucky again…

recorded in Cubières, my village, LOZERE – 28 05 2023 at about 2pm – Zoom F3 + TETA microphone
Many thanks to Marc Namblard for 32-bit floating-point processing.


  1. I’m glad to hear that you made it safely through the experience. Lightning can be a powerful and dangerous force of nature. It’s important to remember that during a thunderstorm, seeking shelter in a safe location is crucial for your personal safety. If you find yourself in a similar situation in the future, it’s best to seek shelter indoors or in a fully enclosed vehicle to minimize the risk of being struck by lightning.

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