Rode NT1a ORTF Vs. Audio Technica AT3032 in SASS

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Western Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis – evening roost choir (European Robin, Blackbird, Magpie secondary voices)

Below a comparison between two recordings made simultaneously using two Marantz PMD660 recorders.
These are calls from a communal roosting, mainly
consisting of about 200 Western Cattle Egret, with also the calls of European Robin, Blackbird and Magpie (At 1:15 a car passes on the back of the recorders).
No high pass filter was used. To match the recordings, +3 dB are applied to NT1a recording.

By listening with headphones, to start both tracks at the same time and then mute them alternately by pressing the button on the right side with the volume symbol.
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Audio Technica AT 3032 SASS – Marantz PMD660
Rode NT1a ORTF – Marantz PMD660

2 Comments on “Rode NT1a ORTF Vs. Audio Technica AT3032 in SASS

  1. As much as I love ORTF for a natural balanced stereo image, the razor sharp stereo field from SASS is amazing. Thanks for sharing this comparison.

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