Microphones – some types

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Various types of microphones can be used to record sounds in nature, from a simple dynamic monophonic microphone (very few actually used in recent decades), to complex stereophonic systems, very often Do It Yourself, to adapt them to the specific needs of personal taste, or depending on of the environment in which one operates. Moreover, there are particular microphones that allow to record the frequencies in the ultrasonic band, these are the so-called ultrasonic microphones, actually quite rare in their placement on the market.

  1. RODE NT1a Cardioid condenser microphone matched pair

Nightingale – nocturnal song – Rode NT1a stereo matched pair ORTF spaced- Fostex FR2 Le

2. SASS with Audio Technica AT3032 Omnidirectional microphone – matched pair

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è SASS_AT3032-1024x615.jpg
How to built a SASS See Vicki Powys website
Mini SASS with 1+1 AOM 5024
Photo courtesy of Ivan Farronato


Here a recording by Grègory Chamming’s in Lozère (France)
It is a strong bad weather called DIEGO which occurred on April 8, 2022 with winds of over 100 km per hour
Mini SASS and 2+2 AOM5024 capsules
Zoom H2n recorder with headphones AKG K450

Photos courtesy Grègory Chamming’s here in birdwatching with its Swarovski and Parabolic Stereo Microphone Naturesound – Zoom H1n – AKG 450 Headphones


Frog and Blackbird duet recorded with SASS

3. Sennheiser ME 66 super cardioid shotgun microphone Matched Pair

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è ME_66_PAIR-1024x397.jpg
Sennheiser ME 66
Blackcap and Great Tit singing at dawn – ME66 Matched Pair Sony PCM D50

4. TETA – DIY Stereo Microphone – AOM 5024L capsules

Nightingales Duet song in a marshy environment – TETA Microphone