Nightingale – Nocturnal Song

Nightingale – Nocturnal Song(Listening with headphones is a must!) 2. SASS with Audio Technica AT3032 Omnidirectional microphone – matched pair

Blackcap and Great Tit

Blackcap and Great Tit, Singing at Dawn – Sony PCM D50 ME66 Matched Pair Microphnones

Lessinia Soundscape

This entry has been awarded runner up in the Habitat class of the 2012 WSRS Wildlife Sound Recording Society sound competition.This is a file that I recorded on May 28, 2012 in Italy, in the mountains near Verona, Lessinia, at 1400 meters above sea…

Bombina variegata

Yellow-bellied toad Full moon, midnight, slightly windy weather in Monte Baldo, Valfredda, Verona, Italy, 11 July 2014.At 1300 meters of altitude, in a small pond, I recorded a chorus of Yellow-bellied toad and European tree frog while an uncommon bat, a Tadarida teniotis, flying…

Otus scops – Chorus at dawn

Eurasian Scops

Mole Cricket

Mole Cricket, song recorded using a Telinga Pro5 Twin Mono