Raven Lite

A very useful software if one wants to print spectrogram and/or waveform of the sounds.

Nightingale – Nocturnal Song

Nightingale – Nocturnal Song(Listening with headphones is a must!) 2. SASS with Audio Technica AT3032 Omnidirectional microphone – matched pair

Ringed Bush-cricket Grasshopper recording using Dodotronic Ultramic 384k

Here the recording of the grasshopper Ringed Bush-cricket, Rhacocleis annulata, first for Northern Italy, which produces a call that is difficult to hear without the aid of a bat detector. The first ten phrases using a bat detector; the second ten phrases using a Zoom…

Audiomoth recording of Rhinolophus ferrumequinum

Here is how sometimes it is difficult to assess at a glance the presence of this type of signal on files of a considerable length (in this example the total time of the file is 15 minutes). Only by gradually zooming in, you can…

Sonic Visualizer

Excellent software for viewing and studying audio files. Excellent possibility of displaying sonograms, with the possibility of intervening on the various parameters to make them as suitable as possible for your needs. Below are two examples of spectrogram display, black and white and colors….