similar songs but completely different animals

Ortolan Bunting

Ortolan bunting song. Recorded using a mid MONO parabolic microphone – 2 x Primo EM172 caps and a 33 cm dish.Filmed with a Sony Nex6 + adapter and a Lens Nikon 400 IF-ED 5,6. Special thanks to Gastone Pivatelli.

Marsh Warbler Song

Nightingales Duet song in a marshy environment

TETA – DIY Stereo Microphone – AOM 5024L capsules Nightingales Duet song in a marshy environment

Blackcap Song… and More!

If we take in apart the aspect of its song, the Blackcap, Sylvia atricapilla, is a very crazy bird!When we hear an unusual bird song, before thinking of any kind of bird unknown to us, it’ll be better if we exclude the possibility that…

Juvenile MARSH WARBLER Subsong

This is a subsong not so easy to record and particularly difficult to recognize: it is the song of a juvenile male of a Marsh Warbler, Acrocephalus palustris, about two months old, which already begins to emit its first singing phrases. In the last…

Nightingale – Nocturnal Song

Nightingale – Nocturnal Song(Listening with headphones is a must!) 2. SASS with Audio Technica AT3032 Omnidirectional microphone – matched pair

Nightingales Duet song in a marshy environment

4. TETA – DIY Stereo Microphone – AOM 5024L capsules Here a tested AOM 5024L microphone capsule. This capsule is comparable in size and sound performance to the most known and widespread Primo EM 172 (now EM 272). The main difference is in the…

Stereo OR MONO microphone in Parabola?

Which type of microphone inside the parabolic dish: Stereo, Mono, or Twin Mono? As already stated by Wahlström (Sten Wahlström, Swedish Radio, Karlstad, Sweden, JAES Volume 33 Issue 6 pp. 418-429; June 1985), acquire a stereo effect using a parabolic microphone system is possible,…

Hippolais icterina

11 May 2019 – recorded with double PZM microphone with 2+2 EM 172 capsules Primo microphone in parabolic dish 53 cm, Roland R05 recorder; slight wind in the leaves of a oak where the subject was singing up in the canopy. In this season…