Bombina variegata

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Yellow-bellied toad

Full moon, midnight, slightly windy weather in Monte Baldo, Valfredda, Verona, Italy, 11 July 2014.
At 1300 meters of altitude, in a small pond, I recorded a chorus of Yellow-bellied toad and European tree frog while an uncommon bat, a Tadarida teniotis, flying over the wetland (see the lines call at about 10 KHz).

In the background is a chorus of field crickets.
I used a DIY parabolic stereo microphone with 3+3 Primo EM172 capsules parallel connected, inside a Telinga parabolic Dish.

I wish to thank Paolo Cugildi for the friendly and warm welcome in Malga Natura and Federico Novelli for the assistance during the recording.

Otus scops – Chorus at dawn

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Eurasian Scops

Mole Cricket

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Mole Cricket, song recorded using a Telinga Pro5 Twin Mono

Song emitted from the burrow cavity recorded on 22 May 2002 using a parabolic microphone Telinga Twin Mono.
It can be confused with the song of the Green toad, Bufotes viridis

Canto emesso dalla cavità tana registrato il 22 maggio 2002 utilizzando un microfono parabolico Telinga Twin Mono.
Può essere confuso col canto del Rospo smeraldino, Bufotes viridis.